Plant Care

Please go through the basic indoor plant care tips:

Watering: Please water only when the upper surface (1 to 1.5 inches) of the soil/coir is dry – you can feel by putting your finger one inch into the soil/coir. You donot need to follow any routine on watering rather water on the basis of need is best for the plant health.Please note, over watering causes suffocation of root and eventually roots rot.

Light: Like other plants, it is great for indoor plants if you can keep it near indirect yet bright sunny window/verandah for at least 2/3 days in a week.

Soil Care: Please tilt the top soil of the pot once in a month so that crust does not build up. It will result in proper aeration for the root. Also add vermicompost to top 2 inches soil of the pot in growing season once a month.

Please note, prolonged exposure in air-conditioned room will affect plant’s health adversly. Please try to keep the plants in fresh air and light every now and then.