Chinese Banyan Care

Chinese Banyan likes warm and rather dry atmospheres: it adapts rather well inside our houses and our apartments. It requires medium to high lighting exposure, so place it near a bright window.

As soon as the soil becomes dry on one centimeter, water so as to moisten all of it. You can dip the pot in a water bowl and let bubbles comes from soil once a month to deep water the bonsai chinese banyan.

In dry weather, spray your banyan with soft water, clean the dust on the leaves: it will be all the more beautiful and you will protect it from red spiders – its main enemy!

The maintenance pruning is to be done at least three times a year: Cut with suitable scissors all the branches that protrude from the silhouette. That’s all … A mandatory pruning to do each year between in March or in October, for the ficus you want to keep in bonsai. Use clean bonsai scissors. Start by removing the branches that grow along the trunk, to get transparency at the base of your ficus. You can leave the aerial roots, however, because they will give with the years a “mangrove” look to your bonsai. Make a selection among the branches to lighten your ficus a little, remove those which come back inside, and those which have died. Then comes the more delicate step: prune, 1 mm above the leaf, each branch so that only 2-3 leaves are left. Choose the last leaf that you keep according to its orientation. It must imperatively be oriented towards the outside of the plant, otherwise the branch which will be formed starting from the bud located at its base will come entangled.

From spring to fall, regularly add organic fertilizer.

At the end of the winter every 3 or 4 years, repot your ficus! You can also repot before, especially if the pot falls and tilts easily: this is the sign that your ficus is too cramped!