White Aralia Care

A low-maintenance houseplant, aralias require little specialized care and fare best in warm, humid spot.

Light and Heat
No matter the species, aralia plants need light to mimic the tropical climate of their native Polynesia. They do best in medium or full sun. Prolonged low light will result in leaf loss and weakening of the plant. Aralias prefer temperatures between 60 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, so keep them inside or move them indoors during the winter.

The thin, fine roots of aralias are subject to rot, so allow the upper half of the soil to thoroughly dry out between waterings. If grown under low light, they may need water just once or twice a month, so monitor the soil carefully. In the winter, the growth of aralias slows considerably and they require even less water. If conditions outside are wet, provide them with shelter or move them inside to prevent root rot.

Aralias are prone to infestation by various insects, so inspect them regularly for signs of bugs.