Stromanthe Triostar

Stromanthe Triostar is an attractive house plant that can make the indoor space uniquely vibrant. Foliage of this plant is of red, white, and green coloration. A relative of the popular prayer plant.

you must commit to providing regular humidity when growing the Stromanthe ‘Triostar’ plant. A native of the Brazilian rain forest, the plant cannot exist in a dry environment. Misting helps provide humidity, as does a pebble tray under or near the plant. A room humidifier close by is a great asset when growing Stromanthe sanguine.

Watering correctly is important when learning how to grow a stromanthe. Keep the soil moist but allow the top inch (2.5 cm.) to dry out before watering again.

Pot this plant in a well-draining houseplant soil or mix.

White keeping the soil moist, you must not make the soil soggy. Soggy soil can result in root rot and eventually death of the plant.