Crossandra Plant Care

Crossandra, popularly called the firecracker flower, is a tropical subshrub. Crossandra is prized for its constant show of bright orange flowers and shiny green foliage. One of the most desirable attributes of crossandras is that they bloom all year long indoors in bright, yet indirectly lit spot and they are winter hardy.

When orange marmalade Crossandra reaches the desired height it is a good idea to pinch out the tips helping the firecracker plant to branch nicely.

Light And Temperature

Crossandra does not need full sun to flower profusely and is almost everblooming in a window that receives only morning sun but gets bright light during the afternoon hours.

The young plants will flower in their sixth month, so there will always be new, beautiful Crossandra plants on the indoor window sill.

This plant is happy in any window where it gets good light and some sun.

However, during winter, the crossandra will take its sun straight and undiluted, and bloom profusely Direct sunlight will warm the plant to its liking, even though the surrounding area is cooler than it prefers.

In spring, when the sun becomes stronger, filtered partial shade is helpful.

If given the right temperature, Crossandra plant pays back with longer and more intense colors.

Watering And Feeding

Keep the soil slightly moist with warm water in summer, reduce water during winter. Mist the plant sometime to keep the humidity at optimum level. Keep evenly moist soil in potted plants never muddy-wet.

Avoid letting the soil completely dry out during the growing season. These plants are not drought-tolerant, and as such you’ll have to make sure they have the water they crave!

Troubles and Troubleshooting

Dry, Curled Leaves

This only means that the air is too dry or the sunlight is too strong. Move the plant to a spot with better protection and mist frequently.

Brown Spots

These brown spots indicate that your Crossandra received cold watering. If this happens frequently, the plant will surely die.

Poor Appearance Of Leaves And Stems

Crossandra is a bushy plant and shows glossy leaves with the best care. If the plant shows otherwise, it may be due to overwatering.

No Growth

If the growth is stagnant and the leaves drop, the plant is too cold.

Only Tiny Leaves During Spring

You over-watered the Crossandra. Repot your plant and provide fresh soil.

Mealy Bugs

Mealybugs can cause serious damage and must be eliminated immediately.

Crossandra attracts pollinators such as butterflies and dragonflies.