Philodrendon Mamei

The magnificent Philodendron Mamei is a tropical perennial creeping plant that grows as ground cover and sometimes creeps up in coco mesh pole indoors.


If you want to grow Philodendron Mamei in a pot, you get the best results by using rich, loose potting soil that will drain well and is high in organic matter like your garden compost and mulch.


That is another reason to love it, because Philodendron Mamei care is easy even in low light conditions making it perfect for indoor growing.

Philodendron Mamei care requires 70-85% sunlight. Filtered sun is the best to grow the plant, so give it an east window  side or a west window side spot. The rich green means they need plenty of light to produce all that chlorophyll. The silvery cloud patterns covering the leaf indicate they need to restrict the light, an adaptation to the paucity of light being under the canopy of large tropical trees and hence a lot of cool shade.


The plants are susceptible to root rot like most philodendrons and is the most common cause of death. These plants love moisture but you can’t grow Philodendron Mamei with the roots “sitting” in water.


As with all tropical plants a humid environment is good to grow Philodendron Mamei. They love being misted and it helps them stay fresh and clean.

You can even give the leaves a sponge wipe to make them look fresh and shiny. Mist them as often as 3 or 4 times a week in winters if your indoor humidity is very low.