Dwarf Jade Care

Originating in the dry regions of South Africa, the Dwarf Jade, or „Elephant Bush‟, is a succulent plant, which explains its ability to store water for a long time. It is a very undemanding plant, well suited for individuals who travel often or who are prone to forget to water their plants. Though it grows to heights of 10 feet tall in its native habitat, it is an ideal bonsai for a beginner; this beautiful plant is easy to care for and will be a thing of beauty for years to come.

Trees Features:

Thick, round, dark green leaves and delicate pink flowers sit atop fleshy stems and branches. These succulent features hold water for long periods of time.


In the winter it can tolerate 50-61 degrees but will be fine between 61 and 71 degrees. Freezing temperatures will destroy this succulent plant. It will do well indoors throughout the year, but will be happiest if it gets to enjoy the outdoors during the summer.


Can be kept indoors near a bright window, but does love fresh air, it will enjoy being outside in a spot where it will receive full sunlight which will encourage the leaves to remain small and compact. It can tolerate partial sunlight.

Watering: The Dwarf Jade needs to be watered only after the soil is quite dry as it needs very little water. In the winter, if it is placed in a cool location, it will only need water every four to eight weeks. This plant can go without water for upward of four weeks without suffering at all making this easy to care for plant a gem for busy people.