Areca Palm Care

Areca Palm

Light: Areca palms require bright indirect light. Too much light or direct sun burns the fronds and causes them to turn yellow.

Water: Keep the soil of an Areca palm moist but never soggy. Allow the top couple of inches to dry out before watering. Remember, the soil at the bottom of the container is much wetter than the soil at the top. Never allow an Areca palm to sit in water.

Humidity: High humidity is essential for the fronds of an Areca palm to keep looking good.

Pests and Diseases: spider mites and Mealy Bugs can be a problem. Check frequently for pests by examining the backs of the fronds and new growth. If an Areca palm becomes infected, spray with warm soapy water or an insecticidal soap at 1/2 the recommended strength. Spraying with a product containing alcohol can damage the fronds.

Keep the soil a bit dry on the top and sufficient air circulation to prevent fungus and other diseases.

An Areca palm is a non-poisonous plant.