Philodendron Selloum Care

A Philodendron selloum, or tree philodendron, is native to South America but also grows outdoors on the East and Gulf coasts of the United States. Indoors this easy-care, self-heading philodendron takes up a lot of space, often spreading 5ft. or more with 2ft.-3ft. leaves. The dark green, shiny leaves are large and deeply lobed. A selloum does grow a trunk as it matures, but the huge drooping leaves usually hide it.


A philodendron selloum grows well in bright indirect light. In lower light the leaves turn a darker green. Too much light or direct sun burns the leaves or causes the deep green color to fade.


Unlike other philodendrons, the selloum likes moist but not soggy soil. During the winter, water less often, keeping the soil barely moist.


A philodendron selloum is a type of tree philodendron. It has thinner leaves than many of its relatives and requires a more humid environment to grow well. If your home or office is very dry in the winter, place your selloum near a humidifier or sit it on a wet pebble tray or mist regularly.


Aphids, Mealy Bugs, scale, and spider mites can be a problem. If any of these plant pests appear, spray the entire plant with warm soapy water or use Neem oil spray the Scrape off scale with a child’s or soft toothbrush.

A Philodendron selloum is a poisonous plant and should be kept way from small children and pets.